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Our Voyagers Programme complements our 'Let's Talk About It!' curriculum and ensures all pupils acquire the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life (ensuring that disadvantaged children are exposed to cultural experiences and background knowledge that those from better-off homes take for granted). 

With its Moana-inspired motto, 'We are explorers reading every sign, we know the way,' the Voyagers scheme is aimed at widening our children’s life experiences, making visits to Yorkshire’s places of interest, challenging them to learn new skills and to explore different environments. It ensures children have full access to a wide range of opportunities throughout the year and all children are supported to take part in trips, sports, music and drama opportunities. 


We are proud to announce that the Voyagers scheme was designed and illustrated by the talented children at HGPS! 


See the full Voyagers offer below:

Even one of our libraries has a Voyagers theme!
Even one of our libraries has a Voyagers theme!

 Top Tip: some of these images include links to the places! Look out for the hand icon. 


I am powerful!

I am strong!