Special Education Needs


HGPS SEND statement


At Hugh Gaitskell Primary School we want to make sure that every child gets the best support we can offer.We aim to help every child to enjoy their learning, feel confident and happy amongst their friends and make the best possible progress.


Each individual in school has needs that that will affect their learning.  Sometimes children need special support to give them an extra boost or to help them to keep up or catch up with other children of the same age. They may need this support for a short time or a longer period, but during this time they will be part of our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Register and we will keep a close eye on their progress, look carefully at what special support they need and keep in close touch with parents and carers.


The school Pastoral Team works alongside teachers and external professionals to enable children to reach their full potential.

If you would like to discuss the needs of your child or the special needs provision in school, please contact Mrs Byndloss or Mrs Wilkinson in the first instance either on the school telephone number or by email



What is the SEND register?


The SEN (Special Educational Needs) Register is a list of children who need extra help because they have some sort of difficulty that affects their learning.  The list is fluid with some children only needing support for a short period of time and others needing more sustained intervention.


With some children their area of difficulty is clear.  With other children the actual difficulty is less clear, but because they are not making good progress, additional support needs to be put in place.


Children can be placed on the SEN Register because they have difficulties in any of these areas:


  • Communication and Interaction Difficulties (including Autistic Spectrum Disorder)
  • Learning and Cognition Difficulties (including dyslexia)
  • Social, Emotional or Mental Health Difficulties (including behavioural difficulties)
  • Sensory or Physical Difficulties (including Hearing or Visual Impairment)

There are different categories of need on the SEN Register.  They are called: SEND support and EHCP plan.


At Hugh Gaitskell Primary School we currently have approximately 100 children on our SEND Register. 


Overview of the Pastoral Team

Meet the team



             Mrs J Padgett                                                       Ms K Mayer     

Deputy Headteacher and Inclusion Manager                 Lead Safeguarding Officer



                                Mrs S Belton                                    Miss S Thompson                    Mrs K Hallas                   

          Attendance Officer                               Family Support Worker          Learning Mentor



      Mrs J Byndloss                                                Mrs K Wilkinson      

       SENCo                                                             SENCo