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Physical and Sensory

Sometimes children can acquire or be born with a physical or sensory disability which prevents them from having the same level of access to education as their peers. This can include disabilities such as sight loss (visual impairment), hearing loss (hearing impairment) and other physical disabilities such as children with Spina Bifida or Cerebral Palsy. HGPS is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for children with differing levels of need. 

Our cohort of hearing impaired children work regularly with Teacher of the Deaf (Mrs Roche) and we endeavour to attend community events for pupils with DAHIT such as the Christmas Party and other events. Throughout school we have several breakout spaces including The ARK - which can be used for physiotherapy, the care suite and a sensory room. We also have quieter spaces to support the learning of children who need specific interventions and time out. We also work in partnership with the NHS to support our more vulnerable pupils with medical disability for example: epilepsy, asthma and allergy. 

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