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Hugh Gaitskell Primary School

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We are a foundation school and the admission authority is Hugh Gaitskell Primary School Governing Body.

The school's admissions authority sets the admission policy each year. You can read our school's admissions policies below:

School Admissions

Whether starting school for the first time, or aiming to transfer mid-year, to apply for a place at our school from Reception to Year 6 you will need to apply online with Leeds City Council by clicking on this link:


How to apply for a September 2023 Reception place:

If your child was born between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019 they should start primary school in September 2023. You must apply for a school place before 15th January 2023. Applications open 1st November 2022.


You must apply to the local council who empties your bins. If this is Leeds, you can apply via the following link  


The LA website is a composite prospectus for all Leeds schools and includes information about:

  • all the steps you need to go through to make an application
  • the key date

  • a search tool to see if your home address gives any higher priority for admission to any school(s)

  • an explanation about how places are offered if there are more applications than spaces (oversubscribed)

  • the online application portal – apply online and you will be sent your offer by email

  • a summary of each school’s individual admission policy criteria

  • data about who got a place in the last 3 years – this will help you work out if there is a reasonable chance of your child qualifying for a place.

  • Information about applying under a specific admission criteria (such as your child being previously looked after). It is important to ensure you submit all supporting evidence by the deadline to show you meet any such criteria. You can also watch the Leeds City Council school admissions video for more information.



    The council’s social media pages will also tell you about Q&A sessions where you can ask questions.


    You can also see information about our school, including previous admission data, on our school page on the Leeds City Council’s website Information for Hugh Gaitskell Primary School


For enquiries regarding admissions, please email 


Applying for a Reception place for September 2023

Applications open on 1st November 2022. You will need to make your application using the online application form on the Leeds City Council website mentioned above.  

Key Information DatesApplies to applications made to Leeds City Council 

Date Stage
1 November 2022 Applications open. You can apply online at
15 January 2023 National deadline for applying for Reception 2023
15 February 2023 Deadline for making changes that will be considered as being on-time by our school
28 February 2023 Final date Leeds City Council uses for adding late applications or receiving change of address evidence. Any new applications received by Leeds City Council after this date will not be offered a school place until the first round of reallocations in May
17 April 2023 (First working day after 16 April) National Offer Day
1 May 2023 First cut off for waiting list requests to be submitted to Leeds City Council Deadline for accepting offers
15 May 2023

All reception appeals received by this date will be heard before the summer holiday start

Leeds City Council arranges our appeals

May to 31 August 2023 Any available places automatically allocated from waiting lists by the local authority Lower preference school offers are also withdrawn automatically (even if accepted)
June to July 2023 Appeals heard by independent appeal panels
September 2023 Start Primary School


 Accepting an offer of a place

If you would like to accept the offer for your child to start at Hugh Gaitskell Primary School, please email giving the name of your child, child's date of birth and stating that you wish you accept the offer. 

National Primary Offer Day – 17th April

Parents/carers who applied online for a Reception place at any school will receive an email with their offer from 8am onwards. Applications on paper or email will result in an offer letter being posted out today – Leeds City Council ask parents/carers to please allow seven days for this to arrive.

To accept the offer of a place for your child, please follow the instructions above.

Refusing the offer 

Leeds City Council asks that we make families aware that if they turn down a place, it will be allocated to another child and they cannot guarantee a place will become available at a closer school to home – they could be left without a Reception place in September.

Accepting an offer doesn’t impact the chances of being offered a place from the waiting list or increase the chances of success at an appeal hearing.

Any family who refuses an offer must confirm this in writing to and will be asked to confirm where they will be educating their child in September.

Wanting to be added to a waiting list for a school

If families are not happy with the school they have been offered they can ask to be added to the waiting list for any Leeds school (including schools they haven’t previously asked for)  and can appeal against the refusal of a place at a preferred school. Waiting list forms and appeal forms are available at:

Please see key information from Leeds City Council below:

Families do not need to take any action on offer day, as they have until 31 August to submit waiting list requests (however joining the waiting list within 2 weeks of offer day gives a better chance of getting a place at a school you want) and 16 May to submit appeal requests. You can appeal after the deadline but we may not hear your appeal before school starts in September.

Please follow the link below to the Leeds City Council information page:


In-year applications

If you are moving into Leeds or want to change schools in Leeds, you need to make a school transfer – often called an in-year application.

This includes

· applications for a place in reception after the start of term in September

· and applications for a place in all other year groups (year 1-6)

Moving schools can be a difficult experience for a child. You should always speak to your child’s current school before trying to move to see what support they can offer you


How to apply for an in-year place

We make the decision on whether to offer a place in-year.

You can apply for a place online using the Leeds in-year application form at Before you move schools ( You can apply for places at our school and any other Leeds schools who are part of the centralised Leeds in-year application scheme at the same time.

If you have moved house, please upload evidence of the house move with the online application. You can find out what you need to provide on the above website.

We have to offer places by applying our admission policy criteria to your child’s application and we will contact you with our decision about offering you a place. We will tell you our decision no later than 15 school days from when you apply.


If we cannot offer you a place, we will

· write to you to explain the reasons

· explain how you can appeal and

· add your child to our waiting list in case a place becomes free.


Our waiting lists are kept until end of each school year. You will need to make a new application if you want to be on the waiting list for the following school year.



If you are not offered a place at the school you requested, you will have the right of appeal. The appeal panel is independent of the school and council and the decision is legally binding.

Before you appeal you:

· should accept any place that you have been offered in case your appeal is not successful

· should think about why you are appealing and check if it is likely to be successful

· could read the advice for appealing school places on GOV.UK

· could get independent advice on making an appeal from a charity


Leeds City Council arranges our appeals, and you can find the appeal form at School appeals (


If you are appealing for a reception place for September 2023, you need to submit your appeal form by the above deadline to ensure the appeal will be heard before the summer holidays.

Appeals for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

These classes are limited to 30 pupils per teacher by law. This means that appeals for these places are less likely to be successful.

If our school refuses your child a place because of this limit and you want to appeal, you will need to make an infant class size appeal. You can see if your reasons are likely to be successful by reading the Department for Education’s information about infant class size appeals.

Other appeals

You can appeal because you want your child to attend a particular school. These are successful if the panel agree that the reasons for your appeal outweigh the school’s decision not to admit any more children.

Wanting your child to go to a school because you think it is the best one in the area is not likely to convince the panel that your child should get a place there.


For more information, please see our admissions policy below. 

Hugh Gaitskell Primary School Admissions Policy 22/23

Hugh Gaitskell Primary School Admissions Policy 23/24