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What people say about us...

A million times thanks for all the support, help and sympathetic efforts for the EHCP Application you have done for my son. It's been accepted because you have worked really hard to prepare his application for the EHCP. I am really, really thankful and truly obliged for your support and help. May God bless you for all your help and support you provided XXXXX and us. 
I say thanks to you from the core of my heart. 
Thanks and God bless you.
Parent with a child who has SEND (May 2021)

Let me please tell you that it [Education and Health Care Plan] really shows your hard work and dedication to your job and a lot of care for my son. I am thankful to you from the core of my heart. May God bless you and reward you for that. Once again thanks for your help and support for XXXXX. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -From a parent of a pupil with SEND (March 2021)

The teachers have been fantastic and supportive. Their feedback and help has been appreciated. The work that’s been set on tapestry has been amazing and really easy to understand and so much fun for the children. Tapestry has made home schooling so much easier and bearable

-From a parent (Feb 2021)

School’s prioritisation of reading draws from its strong rationale: it meets the specific needs of the school’s complex community and underpins secure learning across the school's broad and balanced curriculum. The development of vocabulary is given the highest priority and is evidenced across all learning areas. Pupils draw inspiration from the school’s rich curriculum. It is highly effective in engaging them with their learning. Pupils enjoy learning.           
                                                                               -Brian Beal (School Improvement Advisor)

It is evident that the school provides a rich and vibrant curriculum, which is built on high expectations with language and vocabulary as a golden thread throughout.

-Sam Golia- Senior School Improvement)

Morning and afternoon registration is something Alyssa really looks forward to as she gets the opportunity to show her work and really loves getting feedback from her teachers and friends. 
From a parent (Feb 2021)

Remote learning has been so easy to use and I think the added facetime has given him a school time feeling, I have also benefited from spending extra time with my children and getting the experience of hands on help with their education which other generations before have had such a experience, a lovely outcome from such a strange and emotional time for everyone.

- From a parent (Feb 2021)

Thank you for the breakfast hamper received it this morning very much appreciated and all halal, thank you once again.

-From a parent (Feb 2021)

The online work is easy to access, it’s marked quickly and there is a good variety.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               - From a parent (Feb 2021)

A variation in work and activities, regular phone calls from school and the the teachers talking to the children have all worked well. 
From a parent (Feb 2021)

My son is really happy with the live sessions. Lockdown has made him a little subdued and quiet so this is perfect. Thank you very much.

-From a parent (Jan 2021)

Thank you to all the staff in Nursery for taking care of our twins! You are doing an awesome job! We're hoping and praying that we shall get back to normal activities and contact as soon as possible.

-From a parent with children in Nursery (Jan 2021)

Many thanks for all your hard work in providing for our children in order for us both to be able to continue in our key worker jobs. It is much appreciated.

-From a parent with children in Year 3 and Year 5 (Jan 2021)

Good Afternoon. I'm the parent of XXXXX, XXXX and XXXXX. I’d just like the message to reach all the staff that have helped me and my children through what can only be described as unprecedented times. I'd like to just mention a huge thank you to the nursery staff for allowing and making sure it was safe for XXXXXX to return to school. This will help him so much. A huge thank you to Miss Hudson, without her communication and huge help XXXXX and XXXX wouldn't be able to learn at home, making sure we're all OK and going above and beyond because we live further away to make sure we have everything we need. 

As a school, you've made my children's lives at ease, no one knows whether they're coming or going but my children get up ready to learn and ready to tackle their day knowing they have the right support for everyone! Thanks Hugh Gaitskell!

-From a parent with children in Year 3, Year 6 and Nursery (Jan 2021)

XXXXX  feels part of a class and that he has a place in that class – we feel that this inclusion is working well for XXXXX. XXXXX’s confidence in his own abilities and his ability to express both his feelings and his own needs is increasing.

-From a parent with children in Year 5 (Jan 2021)

I just wanted to update you on how XXX has been doing at home with his learning. I’m very proud of his reading compared to September, I cannot believe the difference! He read the whole of ‘Rocket’ with minimal support from me many times over the holidays plus his phonics book and has tried reading his own books too. He is really enjoying it. He is constantly practising his phonics when we are out and about spelling words out etc. His handwriting is improving but I do need to keep on with that at home too! Thanks for all of your help with his learning 

-From a parent with children in Year 1 (Jan 2021)

We are closer and more responsive towards each other.  It is like we have found our community and are deeply committed to keeping each and every bit of it, harmonious - we are all indebted to the SLT for nurturing just that.

-From a Teacher (Jan 2021)

Once again, I wanted to say a big Thank You! to the entire team at Nursery. We very much appreciate your efforts in keeping our children active and engaged, especially under these strange circumstances. XXXX & XXXXXXX absolutely love the activities on Tapestry. Of course, they each have their favourites. We try to be as organised as possible though sometimes it can prove difficult. We hope to soon enough get back to normal life, and our children being able to physically spend time with you in nursery soon.                                               

-From a parent with children in Nursery (Jan 2021)

Hamper food has been delivered- thanks a lot we appreciate. 

-From a parent (Dec 2020)

I’d like to just say a huge thank you to all the staff at HGS for keeping the Christmas spirit for the children, the beautiful gift from Santa and seeing Santa himself as many children XXX was so sad not to be able to visit Santa this Christmas so it truly made her day so thank you. I’d also like to add a HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE at HGS for all your hard work, efforts and keeping the little ones safe. HGS has done immensely well to keep all children in school since September- not only that but kept them safe and still managed to teach them as much as you could to catch up the lost months of 2020. If ever I had a doubt about my daughter attending HGS (which I never have but) I can safely say these past few months would of absolutely reassured me completely and dissolved in such doubt. You have all shown HGS  is a school that shines bright, that puts its children first and strives to give everyone the same great start in life no matter what. So thank you to all the wonderful staff for making my daughters first term in big school a fantastic one. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the very best for 2021 
-From a parent with children in Nursery (Dec 2020)


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support and say it's been a pleasure working with you and look forward to working with you again in the future.

-From Lorraine Healy BCM Cluster Family Support Worker CLC Cockburn College of Arts (Nov 2020)