Helping your child to learn


During the school year we will hold parent workshops to help you to understand how to best help your child at home with reading, phonics and maths. Look out for the schedule - we look forward to seeing you!

Reading –Please bring book bags every day to school to aid your child’s learning. This enables us to read and change their books regularly.

Fridays- Please look out for home-work books being sent home on this day to be completed over the weekend and the weekly school newsletter that will keep you updated with the latest events! “


Our learning environment

We have a maths-rich learning environment, from working walls which the children can access to support their learning… Numbers in all the areas of provision… As well as lots of fun mathematical challenges!

At the moment in Reception we are continuing to consolidate our number sense to 10 and introducing vocabulary on addition and subtraction.


Phonics in the Foundation Stage

This term we will be learning continuing to listen to sounds to aid the children’s ability to distinguish letter sounds within words. We have covered the sounds all letters of the alphabet make and will keep revisiting these so they are not forgotten. We are now moving onto 2 sets of letters which make one sound. You may hear your child call this a ‘digraph’. Phonics is taught through a set of fun games and with lots of visuals, and it can be seen in all areas of provision. We hope all parents who visited the Reception classes to watch a phonics lesson on 1st February found it useful and informative!