'The school is a calm, harmonious place where pupils grow and become increasingly mature.' OFSTED 2016'Teachers are trained well and have good subject knowledge.' OFSTED'Pupils make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics.' OFSTED 2016'The ‘One World, One School’ ethos ensures that pupils are taught to respect and be tolerant of other faiths and cultures.' OFSTED 2016' The curriculum is carefully designed to enthuse pupils and create a love of learning.' OFSTED 2016'The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.' OFSTED 2016‘Good behaviour and supportive relationships result in learning proceeding smoothly’ OFSTED 2016

Community Links

A big thank you to our local ASDA for donating tools and resources for our Gardening club!

We are pleased to announce we have again won a Bronze award from Leeds in Bloom for Summer 2013. You can see the lovely trophy and certificate in school. Well done to all the children in the gardening club - your enthusiasm impressed the judges. We hope to continue the Gardening club next Spring and we will be going for Gold!

Community Cohesion at Hugh Gaitskell

At Hugh Gaitskell we have a commiment to promoting community cohesion in school, locally, nationally and internationally. Our school has a diverse population and we take the needs of our children very seriously. As a school we are working towards developing a common vision and sense of belonging, where diversity is valued and where positivie relationships are built within school and in the wider community. We work hard to explore issues of faith, ethnicity and cultural/soci-economic matters in the school context, through the curriculum and through planned activities to raise cultural and interfaith awareness such as Black History Week, visits to diverse religious establishments and by maintaining and nurturing our link with our partner schools in Pakistan, and York.

We want every child to feel like they belong to the school community, and to know that their views are welcome and valued, In Year 6, the children have started a year-long course of learning conversations where they are free to speak about some of the issues that affect their lives and share their opinions on the school as a community. Thorugh this we hope to understand the impact of current issues on our children's lives, and given them a platform to express their opinions.

We are part of the Upper Beeston cluster of schools which includes Beeston Primary, Cottingley and St Anthony's.


Our Partners in the Community

We are very pleased to have a strong partnership with DePuys, who as a company have over the years done a huge amount for the school, most recently building our beautiful new garden. Every year the school choir tour the DePuys factory to sing carols, and always receive a wonderful welcome from the staff which makes it one of the most aniticpated events for the members of the choir!


Our local Asda

We have created a new link with our new Beeston Asda and are looking forward to working together to improve our local community and school environment.


We are extremely grateful to Greggs the bakers for their continuing sponsorship of our school Breakfast Club. They have, for some time now, provided a healthy and nutritious breakfast for any child that wants to come and join us before school. Their support helps us to provide a space where the children can begin the day in a positive and convivial atmosphere.

St Andrews and St Mary's church

The children learn a lot from our partnerships with local churches. As well as our Harvest festival, the children take part in church visits and this year;. Year 4 will be going to sing carols to the church group at St Andrews. we are very privileged to have links to such welcoming and friendly churches.

Cardinal Court

Cardinal Court offers sheltered housing to local people. Every year, the children from Year 2 visit the residents to chat and sing. We welcome this chance to work with people from different generations, and learn from them.

Over the last 12 months we are proud to have worked with...
Northern Ballet

Leeds University

Into University

Cockburn (art, music and P.E teachers)

Luke our resident actor 

Free English Classes for parents and carers are held on Tuesday afternoons from 1.15 - 3.10pm in our Community room. You can meet people, learn about school and the National Curriculum and improve your English skills. It is an informal group with no tests and no pressure! Please see Mrs Richardson in the office if you wish to join us, she will give you the details. Unfortunately these classes have been cancelled until further notice.